Virus Removal

100% Virus Removal Guaranteed

Viruses are all over the internet these days. The intent of the viruses are often extremely malicious and intended to steal your identity. Your financial information, online bank account user names and passwords, credit card numbers, and other personal data are at risk at all times. Viruses are designed to install onto your computer and, in one way or another, steal your personal information. Finally, viruses will eventually render your computer useless.

We Pledge to Protect and Educate Our Customers From Viruses

First we will restore your computer to complete functionality, then we will ensure you're 100% secure from future attacks. Finally we will educate you on how to prevent future virus downloads. Our customers leave confident knowing that they will not have to deal with another problem in the near future.

Standard Removal

In some cases, when caught early enough, viruses only infect limited areas of your PC. In these cases we are able to scan the computer clean and perform a speed optimization to restore your PC to like new condition.

In other cases, the type of viruses contracted are too invasive and too deeply rooted to restore the PC to any efficient functionality. In these cases we strongly recommend the Complete Restore.

Complete Restore

Our complete restore is a four step process that results in an off-the-shelf result for your computer.

  1. Backup all data (documents, music, pictures, videos, favorites, desktop files, financial and e-mail files) and scan them for viruses.
  2. Erase hard drive and re-install Windows Operating System.
  3. Load drivers and apply Windows Security Patches.
  4. Restore data and install recommended software.

Our Preferred Antivirus Software

All computer techs geeks will have different opinions. Here is our currently preferred antivirus software:

Norton by Symantec
There are three versions of this software. Our favorite is Norton Internet Security.

There are a couple versions of this software. Just like the Norton product the best version is call Kaspersky Internet Security.

You can purchase these products at our shop. Usually for lower prices than the chain stores.