Custom Website Development

We build Clean, Hand Crafted websites

Our websites are custom tailored to fit your needs and, more importantly, be pleasing to your customers. We provide high-quality websites built upon modern, industry proven frameworks that are easy to maintain no matter who is doing the work.

All of our websites include

  • Responsive Design - Mobile & Tablet Friendly
  • Our SEO Starter Package
  • Secure Code with a focus on OWASP Top 10
Percentage of consumers who cited web design as the reason they mistrusted or rejected a website.
Percentage of consumers that will not recommend your company if it looks bad on a mobile device.
Percentage of consumers that will abandon your website if it takes longer than three seconds to load.

I need a New Website

Building a brand new website can be a daunting undertaking. We're here to help you through the process to put your companies best foot forward.

We work with you to

  • Understand the goals and expectations of your new website
  • Help determine content that will engage potential customers

What you'll get

  • An American made website you can be proud to share with your customers
  • Our SEO Analysis Package to make your website attractive to Seach Engines

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I have an Existing Website

scary monster It happens - you look up and suddenly your competition has a better website than you and it's eating away at your customer base. Without proper care and feeding your website can turn into a monster that scares away customers instead of attracting them.

We'll evaluate your existing website to see if it can be saved. Many times it can be more cost effective to start a new project from scratch using the existing content you have worked hard to build.

When we re-launch an existing website we always keep SEO at the forefront of our activities. We'll make sure any existing pages that have already built up search engine ranking are redirected to the new pages representing your services or products.

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Our Development Process

We believe an agile process with open communication and feedback works best in delivering a quality product to you. We've developed a simple, yet effective, four phase development process that you will have complete insight to through our client portal. No more surprise "behind schedule" updates - you'll be able to see the progress of your site on a daily basis.


  • Detailed project plan based on Statement of Work
  • Mockups or wireframes for client review/approval


  • Finalize the design elements
  • Coding of backend systems or integration points
  • Site available on development server


  • User Experience testing
  • Load and/or Stress tests if needed


  • Website deployment and host cutover if needed
  • Data Migration if needed

Technology Stack

Our preferred technologies are Microsoft based and includes the latest version of MVC, Web API, and SQL Server as well as Bootstrap for our responsive framework. We also enjoy developing AngularJS websites when we have the opportunity!

Code Ownership

Upon project completion you will own all code, images, and any other project artifacts that were used in the creation of your website.